Break the Chains of Dieting
by David Medansky

Exposes the secrets of the diet industry – that diets are designed to fail. Stop wasting your money on FAD (Fat and Desperate) diets.
Learn the 9 must have easy and effective principles for healthy and maintainable weight loss.
This educative and informative book, will help you achieve your weight loss goal, have more energy, feel better, look better and improve your overall health.
Break the Chains of Dieting is your guide to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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Top-selling author and speaker, David Medansky struggled with his own weight issues until July 2016 when his doctor told him to either lose weight or find a new doctor. He understands your frustrations. During the next four months, David shed 50 pounds, almost 25 percent of his total body weight and has kept it off. Now it’s his mission in life to teach you how to eat healthier so you too can have more energy, feel better, and improve your overall health without going on a diet.

David has helped countless number of people to lose weight without dieting, exercising, or counting calories. The key to his success is using his 9 must have fundamental principles for healthy eating habits.

Let’s face it, FAD (Fat and Desperate) diets tend to be Temporary, Extreme, Hard to Stick With, And Potentially Harmful. That is why David wrote Break the Chain of Dieting.

Order your copy of  Break the Chain of Dieting today! Above all else David wishes you good health. Thanks, and be healthy.

Kirkus Review gave it 4 out of 4 stars



Have you tried and failed at every diet and weight loss program, including the big national brands? Have conventional diets not work for you? Have they made you miserable, frustrated, or depressed? Are you sick and tired of being “fat?” You are not alone…


This book provides HOPE for you to finally lose weight in a healthy and maintainable way.

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